JenCNC is a full-featured 3D CNC Software package designed exclusively to run Animatics SmartMotors
It combines features of both a CAD/CAM and a Motion-Control Software package into a unique graphical user interface for controlling 2 to 4 SmartMotors in true 3D coordinated motion. With real time 2D and 3D plotting to the screen, DXF-to-G-Code conversion and Conversational G-Code building; this is just the beginning to get your CNC machine up and running in no time.

JenCNC utilizes a simple Serial interface to communicate with and control SmartMotors. With custom tailored algorithms, motion is optimized for smooth control and continuous operation for all your machining needs.

With its ability to run in a constant vector velocity regardless of changes in direction, the software is ideal where dispensing or flow rate of glue or adhesives is critical to a given process. JenCNC has been built upon 3 years of in-field testing and customer feedback in real-world applications including:
  • Routers (gantry machining of aluminum, foam, vinyl and wood)
  • Hot-wire EPS foam cutting
  • Plasma (oxy-fuel) cutting
  • Machining forms for vacuum-form molding of plastics
  • Milling machine retrofits
  • Sign making
  • Engraving
  • CNC drilling
  • Gasket cutting
  • Adhesive applicators
  • Quilting Machines

Our goal is to continuously add to its capabilities according to the needs and demands of customers to provide the best possible solution for any need that may arise. Custom features can be added at a competitive rate. Please consult the factory for more information.

Overview of just some of the features that aid in increased throughput and quality:

  • Upon Start-up, JenCNC automatically detects motors and does a system update if any motor was changed out.
    This allows the software shortcut to be placed in the Start-up directory of Windows to allow automatic restart on loss of power making it simpler for operators.
  • A full Machine settings window allows for customization to physical dimensions of the machining space.
  • Machine tolerance levels can be set to ensure no product damage occurs in the unlikely event of motor drop-out or path divergence.
  • Slow-down proportional-to-angle is a feature that can be tailored to minimize machining time while providing the best surface finish through sharp turns.
  • Customizable G-Codes for user-defined tooling positions.
  • Customizable M-Codes for I/O control and SmartMotor commands or subroutine calls
  • Ability to call G-Code subroutines.
  • Ability to repeat a section of G-code.
  • Z-Axis (tool length) offsets.
  • SAE or metric scaling.
  • On-screen and keyboard real-time jogging.
  • Auto-Detection of Windows compatible Joystick for Jog control.
  • Menu selectable Inputs set-up window.
  • Wait-On-Input definable M-Codes.
  • Customizable outputs assignable to user-definable M-Codes.
  • CMM probing for setting tool offset.
  • Can automatically send user defined SmartMotor commands on boot-up.
  • Terminal screen diagnostics page for testing/troubleshooting.
  • User selectable homing routines with configurable offsets.
  • Advanced settings screen includes events set-up for E-Stop conditions.
  • Simulation mode (dry run)